• Arqueología Interactiva: crowdsourcing tool
    Crowdsourcing tool developed with Mueso de Altos Chavon, Dominican Republic.
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  • Beads, Pendants, And A Lot Of Grinding: Experimental Archaeology At El Flaco
    Catarina Guzzo Falci talks about Experimental Archaeology at the site of El Flaco, Dominican Republic.
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  • Report of the IV LAC Conference
    Report from the IV Landscape Archaeology Conference Uppsala-Sweden, 22-25 August 2016.
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  • Teoría Arqueológica En América Del Sur
    The NEXUS 1492 team organised a session titled Paisajes en conflicto: Procesos, sociedades, personas.
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  • The Indigenous Peoples of Trinidad and Tobago
    A book launch by Dr. Arie Boomert and the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community of Trinidad.
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NEXUS1492 - Transformations of Amerindian Cultures Across the Historical Divide

New World Encounters in a Globalizing World

NEXUS logoThe ambition of NEXUS1492 is to rewrite a crucial and neglected chapter in global history by focusing on transformations of indigenous, Amerindian cultures and societies across the historical divide of 1492. It investigates the impacts of colonial encounters in the Caribbean, the nexus of the first interactions between the New and the Old World.

Research Objective


26 Sep


26-27 September 2016 The closing meeting of the HERA-CARIB Project, entitled "Caribbean Connections...
PhD Debate Session: Pre/Post-Colonialism in Archaeology
29 Sep

PhD Debate Session: Pre/Post-Colonialism in Archaeology

29 September 2016 A PhD debate session is organized at Leiden University. The aim is to examine the...