About us

NEXUS 1492 consists of the unique synergy of four interlocking projects, each comprising multiple subprojects and studies carried out by a multi-disciplinary international team of excellent principal investigators (PI), senior researchers, post doctoral researchers, and PhD students. The team is composed of 38 talented scholars and researchers, from the fields of archaeology, anthropology, bioarchaeology, human genetics, physical geography, computer sciences, biogeochemistry, geochemistry, and heritage and museum studies. The trans-disciplinary synergy of the four PIs builds on previous collaborations in the context of Caribbean research. The cohesion between the four projects is based on the fact that the projects use inter-dependent methodologies, datasets and case-studies, in which interpretation, model-development and results are mutually contingent in terms of producing robust and new insights.

In case of any questions please send an e-mail to Maribel Adame.