Project Management

Full Professor

Corinne L. Hofman is the CPI (Corresponding Principal Investigator) of NEXUS 1492. She also directs the archaeological project at Leiden and is head of a large international research group. Hofman has carried out archaeological research in the Caribbean since the 1980s. Her primary interests are the communication systems and interaction networks of the indigenous Amerindian population in the period before and after the colonisation of the New World in 1492. This interaction can be measured on the basis of people’s mobility and the exchange of goods and ideas. One of her focusses has been working on Caribbean ceramics.

Hofman’s main aim with NEXUS 1492 is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the social relationships and transformations in the region prior and after the European encounters through the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach that combines traditional archaeological research in the Greater and Lesser Antilles with the most up-to-date research methods from the humanities and the social and natural sciences. In addition, she has always been committed to protecting the cultural heritage and endangered archaeological record of the islands. Hofman has an extensive international network and collaboration agreements with local partners. She has been awarded several prestigious subsidies and in 2013 she won the KNAW MERIAN prize for excellent women scientists. She was appointed Dean of the Leiden Faculty of Archaeology in September 2013. She is member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences since 2015. In 2016  Corinne was appointed elected member of Academia Europaea.

Contact information:
Mail: Corinne Hofman
Phone: +31 (0)71 527 2449
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Full Professor

Gareth Davies is one the four PI’s of Nexus 1492 and Head of the Deep Earth and Planetary Science research cluster at the Faculty of Earth and Life Science of the VU University Amsterdam. His expertise is in petrology and isotope geochemistry with an initial background in the study of volcanic processes. He has a track record of applying techniques in innovative ways across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Current work outside the traditional geological realm includes applications in archaeology, art history, environmental, forensic, food and material science. He took over as Prof of Petrology in 1993 and has subsequently built up the group from 4 to over 30 while also introducing new research fields in Isotopic Provenancing and Planetary Science.

In the Nexus project Gareth will the group applying modern geochemistry techniques to determine the provenance of human remains and archaeological artefacts.

Contact information:
Mail: Gareth Davies
Phone: +31 20 59 87329
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Full Professor

Ulrik Brandes is a professor for algorithmics at the University of Konstanz since 2003. He obtained a diploma in computer science from RWTH Aachen in 1994 and a doctoral degree in computer science from the University of Konstanz in 1999. Immediately after his habilitation in 2002, he became a professor for algorithmics at the University of Passau.

He is co-founding area editor of Network Science, associate editor of Social Networks, and editorial board member of the Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications. He serves in the board of directors of the International Network for Social Network Analysis and the steering committee of the International Symposium on Graph Drawing.

His research interests revolve around algorithms, social networks, and visualization. In NEXUS 1492, he is leading the network science part on network reconstruction from fragmented, heterogeneous, unreliable data.

Contact information:
Mail: Ulrik Brandes
Phone: +49 7531 / 88-4433
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Modeling the Caribbean


Data Manager

Wouter Kool is Data Manager for Nexus1492 since May 2016.

After his studies Wouter started working in IT-related positions in the publishing industry, pioneering in database publishing and digital media. More recently, he changed to Libraries and Digital Heritage. At the Koninlijke Bibliotheek, he was an Information Analyst for Staten-Generaal Digitaal and the Metamorfoze programme. He has published in professional media about Digital Preservation, file formats, and metadata.

Wouter graduated in Classical Studies from Leiden University with a thesis on the urban development of Rome in the early Middle Ages.

In May 2016 he joined the Nexus1492 ERC-synergy project, where he is responsible for supporting the research projects with data integration, software development and data archiving activities. Aims are to develop a data repository for the Caribbean Archaeology department as well as an application for on-site find registration.

Contact information:
Mail: Wouter Kool
Phone: +31 71 527 2727
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Project Manager

I.M. (Maribel) Adame Valero is the Project Manager of the ERC Synergy project NEXUS 1492 since October 2013.

Previously, she worked as a Senior Project and Community Manager at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. Before that, she held different positions in the private sector. She worked as Product Marketing Manager at Nucletron and Medis Medical Imaging Systems, and as Clinical Education Specialist at GE Healthcare, building the bridge between people, technology and healthcare.

She holds an MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Seville in Spain, a PhD in Medical Imaging from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, and a Masters in Marketing from the NIMA Business School in the Netherlands.

Contact information:
Mail: Maribel Adame
Phone: +31 (0)71 527 5162
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Personal Assistant

Ilone de Vries is personal assistant of CPI Prof. Corinne Hofman within the NEXUS 1492 project. Before she was secretary at the Faculty Office of the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University.

Contact information:
Mail: Ilone de Vries
Phone: +31 (0)71 527 1966
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Financial director

Cees is part of the NEXUS 1492 ERC-Synergy project as the financial director.

Contact information:
Phone: +31 71 527 4199
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